OA Action Alliance Webinar – OA Fix: Trials in the Mix

Steve O’Keeffe sits down with the OA Action Alliance to explain the new Angry@Arthritis OA Fix: Trials in the Mix roadmap.

OA Innovation Shark Tank on Capitol Hill

This meeting on Capitol Hill highlighted the promise of new treatments to cure Osteoarthritis – OA. The program brought together the leading minds in OA research and clinical disciplines from across America and around the world to present their treatments, opinions, research, and clinical trial data.

Failure of cartilage regeneration: emerging hypotheses and related therapeutic strategies

This Review provides a synoptic and structured analysis of the current hypotheses about failure in cartilage regeneration, and the accompanying therapeutic strategies to overcome these hurdles, including some current or potential approaches to OA therapy.

OA – SOS: American Osteoarthritis – By the Numbers

More than 32.5 million American adults suffer with OA, and more than five percent of the global population are afflicted with the disease. As our population ages, OA is a growing concern – 100 percent of people will suffer with OA if we live long enough. OA can afflict any and all joints in the body – and today, Americans receive 790,000 knee and 450,000 hip replacements per year, while far larger numbers live with the pain and avoid troublesome joint replacements.